Buck party accessories

For those you that are heading into a more EpicHolidays bucks party the traditions sash can look very much out of place and simply WRONG, so the better option is to invest in some buck party t shirts.  The benefit in this arrangement is that it takes the guesswork out of what to wear as you will all be in the same thing.  It also brings the group together in an obvious way and this in itself can help to break down barriers and bring your guests together.  Amazingly simply but strangely effective.

The buck party t shirt option is also great in that it allows you to be a lot more creative and to really personalise the tops so that everyone knows who you are there for and what you are about.  Finally it is something that everyone can keep as a momento of a huge night out and a fun time with the guys.


You may not think much of shaped straws or novelty tiaras but there is just something about buck party accessories that really add to the overall night and should not be overlooked.  I think it is mainly because we all hang out with the girls on regular occassions and without the glitz and glamour of novelties the evening can often feel like any other.

What you choose is up to you however and can be chosen to suit your theme in the best possible way.  Try to keep everything in line and then maybe one thing that does not fit at all for the surprise factor.  It’s a simple approach but incredibly effective at creating a buzz and making the night so much more than it would be on its own.



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