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Call Of Duty Black Ops, The Game That Doubled The Sales Of Modern Warfare 3, Setting The World Record Of Fastest Selling Video Game Ever And Also The Title Of The Best Video Game Ending As Said By Guinness World Records.


You Play As Alex Mason, The Main Protagonist Of The Game. At The Beginning, Numbers, Numbers And Numbers As We Try TO Get The Shit Meaning Of It And Then A Drastic Turn When Nova Gas Was Revealed, Capable Of Killing Enemies Even Before They Hit The Floor. Slowly But Surely, The Broadcast Station Is Where The Numbers Are Broadcast Which In It Encoded The Location Of The Nova Gas. Alex, Being Brain Washed By Reznov Viktor(Main Protagonist In COD5WAW) Suddenly Makes The Storyline Turns 360*. Good Campaign, Probably The Best In The Series.


Well, i must say that treyarch added that little touch to black ops, with the xbox pwning pc is sales, but the truth to be said is that the pc can and will win the xbox anyway, especially after the new update 7 which pretty much fixes bugs in pc. it looks nice on the xbox too, with the excellent environment treyarch made and also, the shading and textures. the only annoying this is that the light tends to be shining a bit fake and not good.

Game Content

Zombies, ZOmbies, Rotten Flesh!, Blood And Gore! This Thoughts Are Constantly Racing In My Mind As Treyarch Still Kept Its “Bloody Touch” With More Variants Of Zombies And The Creapy Environmental Details, It Really Can Scare The Crap Out Of Me

As usual, players cant wait to quickly jump onto the multiplayer engine and skipping the campaign. i find that very dumb as playing the campaign allows you to familise with the map and thus, easy to kill ppl in multiplayer matches.

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