Adding a Bird Feeder to Your Garden Is a Great Way to Attract Birds to Your Backyard

Squirrel repellant repellants are also very effective at deterring other animals such as raccoons from visiting your feeder as well. These animals are attracted to the smell that remains on the food after it has been removed. The smell of food is what attracts these animals and makes them want to get in. If you do not want to give these animals food inside the bird’s feeder, you can leave the food outside. You should ensure that you cover all areas where the food is placed, as this will discourage the animals. Find out

Little Known Ways to Successfully Setup Your Finch Bird Feeders

The squirrel proof bird feeding devices come in different shapes and sizes and designs. You should choose one that is easily removable to allow you to clean them easily. When using a squirrel proof bird feeder, always make sure that the squirrel repellant is always present in your device. A good quality squirrel-resistant bird feeder cover will help you prevent the squirrels from gaining access to the bird food. The squirrel repellant is also very effective in keeping squirrels off your bird feeder.

A squirrel proof bird feeder will ensure that your birds stay safe from predators as well. Most birds are drawn by the sounds of a squirrel. If your squirrel repellant is not strong enough, they will not go near your feeder.