Custom Gaming Chairs – A Must Have For Serious Gamers

custom gaming chair

With the advent of modern ergonomics, custom gaming chairs have become a must have piece of gaming equipment. With reclining chairs that support your entire body, adjustable seats that recline to allow your shoulders to be fully supported, chairs that resemble scorpions with tail and claws that extend overhead to keep your gaming monitor secure, and chairs that actually look like huge, spider like creatures with legs, these custom gaming chairs are a great addition to any gaming furniture collection.

As a game tester myself for about two years now, I see the need for a gaming chair that is more comfortable than the standard chairs found in most gaming furniture stores. I’ve tried the standard ergonomic styled chairs, the standard racing chairs, the racing chairs that have racing pads under the seats, and I’ve tried all of those chair types, but they all leave my lower back ache, shoulder ache, neck ache, and upper back ache. The last two, upper back and upper shoulder ache are extremely irritating and make the game play unpleasant to play for long periods of time. I wanted to find a chair that could give me the best support and the best quality of support for my back and shoulders without sacrificing comfort.

Custom gaming chairs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. I purchased one of the smaller, more compact gaming chairs. This chair has enough room for the gamer to be able to recline at any time while still allowing for a decent view of the screen. The chair has the most basic of features, which includes a standard three-point tilt that adjusts according to how you would like the chair to tilt. There is also an adjustable armrest that can be raised or lowered to provide better comfort for the gamer. These chairs also have plenty of storage space, with a large base section for placing the gaming accessories like headsets and controllers, as well as additional padding to provide extra comfort to the gamers lower back and shoulders.

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