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Cleaning an office is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. This is because the overall well being and health of the employees depend on a clean work environment. The cleaner the environment, employees will perform more efficiently since they will feel safe and comfortable. This article discusses some office cleaning tips that can be useful for any business that intends to keep its work environment healthy.


Oftentimes, people think of office cleaning as an ordinary de-cluttering of mails, throwing out of newspapers and scratch papers and a little polishing every now and then. But, this goes much deeper since employees spend more time in the office than anywhere else during the day. This implies that the office is literally teaming with bacteria and viruses that can cause diseases that can threaten their health.

In cleaning an office, you should first remove all wastes and arrange things that are out of place. This goes for used paper, pencil shavings, books and scattered folders or office supplies. If you happen to have bookshelves, take the books down and wipe them clean along with the shelves and cases. It is also a good idea to use a disinfectant solution to kill the bacteria that may be living inside these shelves.

The desk is also one of the most critical parts when cleaning. This is because at least 90 percent of the time, an employee puts their hands down on this furniture. This goes without saying that this is a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. So make sure that the surface is clutter free, and then you apply some disinfectant solution to kill the germs thriving on the tables and the rest of the furniture. Make sure to clean every appliance on the desk and finish it all off with some clear polishing liquid to make it shine.

As for the floor, this will demand your special attention. If your office is carpeted, then it is should be vacuumed regularly. It is also ideal if you roll the carpet, sweep and polish the floor underneath before putting back the carpet.

Always remember that office personnel are prone to diseases due to various stress and lifestyle factors. That is why having a clean environment is imperative to keep your office germ-free and provide a healthy working environment.

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