How to use the Internet as a profitable tool for business

In a recent study by Forrester, it was found that social media is not a significant driver of eCommerce – contributing just 1% overall. Even if they got it wildly wrong and it is more like 10%, it’s still a stark indictment of social media’s ability to drive business.

That kind of goes against the grain, right? It’s not what everyone’s been telling you.

The problem for business is whose advice to follow. It’s not easy to decide when entire industries (such as social media), complete with services, spring up overnight promising vast riches for minimal effort.

This article will look at why business fails to generate substantial ROI (Return On Investment) in the online world, and how to streamline and focus your efforts to turn the Internet into a profitable tool for your business.


Why your content and marketing aren’t driving traffic

The promise of the Internet is that it provides an opportunity for anyone to publish content in order to attract new readers and convert them into clients and customers. That much is true. It’s very easy for a business to start a blog or website and publish content for everyone to consume.

The problem is that people are used to high quality content – such as the type provided by large media companies and publishers.

This means that the vast majority of traffic sticks to trusted and recognized sources of high quality content.

The main points here are that your target audience wants professional quality content from a trusted source.

This means your business has to:

  1. learn how to publish content of a quality that meets or exceeds the standards of popular media companies
  2. do so consistently and persistently enough to build up trust and authority as a source of high quality content

Since the time and resources required to become a professional media company is generally not within the means of a normal business, their content, SEO and online marketing efforts fail to gain meaningful traction.

How to get a positive return on investment online

There are two ways you can change the equations and generate a positive return:

  1. Resolve to become a leading social influencer and trusted source of content
  2. Decide what resources you have to invest online, and work out how to get the most from that

If you select option 1, then you will likely need to find someone to advise and guide your business. Expect to pay a decent amount because anyone who knows how to create Google dominating content and build social influence to make money online, is likely already doing it.

Since trust and authority, that lead to social influence, can only be built up with time, option 1 is at best a medium term investment.

Focusing on high return SEO, social & Internet marketing

Selecting option 2 will allow you to remain focused on your core business offering (without becoming a media company to boot). However, you need to pick and choose your battles based on what you want to achieve, and what can reasonably be achieved.

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