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The Happening

M. Night Shamalyn’s 8th directorial effort, The Happening, is one odd infrastructure of a film (and that’s saying a lot considering his pasts works). When I say odd, I don’t mean that in a good way, this is one of his weakest efforts in recent memory (I haven’t seen The Last Airbender). For the people who truly believe that he’s lost it, I often must pose the question; did he ever have it? And if he did, what is, it? Shamalyn does certain things very well (ex: making you believe in the characters fears and giving you an unsettling felling …



The Mechanic

If anyone is wondering whether or not Jason Statham is starting to get typecast, Simon West’s’ “Mechanic” may answer that question in the affirmative. With that being said West’s film lacks an engaging plot, a plausible script or any relatability in it’s central characters.


The Roommate

It probably goes without saying that in terms of a true “horror” picture, all hope is pretty much lost. That’s not to blame the treacherous new film The Roommate, it’s the fact that Hollywood believes that throwing stuff at you and having people pop out of nowhere, is better than actually creating a plot that brings suspense. And honestly I don’t see why big budget studios can’t create a scary, but engaging film. The market is there in the event one might ever be produced. Sadly were left with Christian E. Christiansen’s “Roommate”, an uneven and drastically stupid drama-horror…

Watch Online Movies with French stream

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