What is GPMP?

There are several types of policies that a General Practitioner can prepare for General Practice Management GPMP services for patients with Chronic Diseases (CIDs). If you’ve been diagnosed with a Chronic Condition or have complicated care needs, the first step is to determine the appropriate type of insurance to purchase to cover your needs. Depending on the condition you’re dealing with and your medical history, your doctor might recommend an EHR or a GPPDH plan, or any combination thereof. In general, if you’re currently getting treatment for your Chronic Condition from another institution and don’t require full-service primary care, you should consider an EHR or an EPDH plan.

GPMP – Nurse Assessment of Waist Measurement

If you’re not currently receiving treatments from another institution and have complicated care needs that require ongoing primary care, you should consider purchasing an EHR or GPPDH plan. If you’re already insured through Medicare Part A or Part B, you should check with your physician if you’re eligible for EHR benefits in addition to or in place of your current benefits.

If your physician recommends EHR, you might consider either signing up for an EHR contract or purchasing a policy through a PPO or HMO provider. Purchasing EHR and EPDH coverage are quite simple; you can purchase either individually or through a PPO or HMO provider.

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